The FJ Cruiser is a retro-styled iconic 4x4 SUV which has amazing off-road capabilities yet remains smooth and refined on the road. The FJ has legendary Toyota build quality and reliability with Land Cruiser running gear and a powerful 4.0 V6 (Petrol) engine. If you want a rugged, ultra-cool 4x4 which is different from all the rest and drives superbly, or if you are a little too concerned about a Zombie Apocalypse, this is definitely the right choice.

Having previously imported several of the fantastic Toyota FJ Cruisers from Japan, we have now linked up with our contact in Japan, Kansai Automotive Export, to offer more FJ Cruisers. We will also able to source a wider range of cars available in Japan.

We have known the director of Kansai for over 25 years and can totally rely on his descriptions of vehicles and the professional service he offers.

We provide a full "on the road" service including Japan de-registration and export paperwork, shipping, customs clearance in UK, IVA test / MOT and DVLA registration. The cars will also be supplied with a 15 Months Comprehensive Warranty.

If you want a unique vehicle that's a joy to drive and is not a Range Rover; then this is the car for you.

Andy G

What previous customers have to say about owning a FJ Cruiser

This is without doubt the best car i have owned and driven. This is no Range Rover, this is a proper 4x4!

So comfy, so smooth you just know its not going to let you down.

The service i received from Rob and Norman was splendid! No pressure and no bull, i would say not your typical car salesmen! Rob i found very trusting and his prices very reasonable.

Thanks for making me smile every time i jump into my FJ!!!

Gavin D

I bought my FJ Cruiser from Rob at Prestige Cars nearly three years ago. I fell in love with them whilst travelling in the USA and was delighted when I discovered someone was importing them to the UK and from Japan so they are right hand drive.

It's a real head turner and being a Toyota, very well built and really comfortable. I also tow a horse trailer, which it makes light work of. I can't imagine ever parting with it. I've had a huge variety of vehicles over the years, but the FJ is by far my favourite.


I am loving my FJ, best car I've driven on and off the Road. I'm getting at least 25 MPG and I get interest everywhere I go. If you want a unique vehicle that's a joy to drive and is not a Range Rover; then this is the car for you.


Very pleased with the FJ - simple 4wd and a better alternative to the Latest Landcruiser which is "Kensington Tractor" by comparison to the old 100 series. I could have sold the FJ many times over and will now point them at Prestige.


I have been a proud owner of the Toyota FJ for a few years now and still enjoy taking her out for a drive. The FJ is a great car with plenty of room and drives well on local roads and motorways. Sometimes the roof rack can have wind noise but I don't mind that as it looks good with the roof rack. The car has been serviced at our local Toyota dealer and when we have ordered parts they get them very quickly. We have had to purchase the glass for the side mirror and we have purchased a spare windscreen, which came in 3 days.

The cost of the parts are no more expensive than our Toyota Landcruiser. I had seen this model in the U.S. and decided to look for one in the UK. We looked at left hand drive FJ's but decided we needed to get a right hand drive. We considered ordering a car from Australia but the mileage on their second hand vehicles was high. We then considered getting the vehicle from Japan and came across Prestige Cars of Sunningdale.

We went to see them and they let us test drive the FJ they had in stock and I decided to get one. We looked at the FJ's that were coming in to Prestige and chose a sand colour that was on its way. The mileage of the vehicles are very low from Japan and in immaculate condition. They contacted us when it came to the UK and dealt with all the paperwork and changing the car to UK standards. I would use Prestige again if I decide to change my FJ but that won't be for a while.


Still love FJ's but I did end up selling mine. Took it on some great off road missions and a couple of road trips.


Even after 6 months of owning my FJ Cruiser, every day feels like the first time I drove it. I am still really happy with it, and even managed to source some mats for it from a friend who lives in Australia, who kindly shipped them to me. I also bought a boot liner and boot tidy from e bay, which I am really happy with. I unfortunately caught my rear wheel arch on my next door neighbours wall, but found a brilliant website called, where I was able to buy the new wheel arch for approximately £70 shipped. It now looks as good as new. What I love most about it most is that it's not your run of the mill 4x4 and I have had many people admiring it, even when I was buying petrol at Morrisons!!


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